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Legislative Priorities
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Legislative Priorities: 2014-15 Legislative Session

Medicaid Rate Reform:  UNYAN is pleased that funding for Supplemental Medicaid Payments for ambulance providers was included in this year's State budget!  These funds help to bridge the gap between the extremely low medicaid reimbursement rates and the actual cost of providing the ambulance service, but we strive for a more permanent solution.  UNYAN supports transitioning Medicaid rates to the Medicare Fee Schedule for ambulance providers (S2212 Seward / A5537 Gottfried).  We are also seeking approval from NYS DOH for increased Medicaid rates in the most desperate counties. 

Direct Payment Legislation:  (S3542 Seward / A7534 Roberts) We SUPPORT requiring insurance companies to pay out-of-network ambulance providers directly.  Currently patients are sent the ambulance insurance checks and they are supposed to then pay the ambulance provider.  Too many patients are keeping the reimbursement checks for themselves. 

Dual Signature Payments: (S3541 Little / A3707 Pretlow) When insurers pay patients directly for healthcare services, providers have an increasingly difficult time getting paid for their service.  In an effort to collect payments from patients and eliminate fraud, we SUPPORT this bill to require insurers to issue joint signature checks to both patients and ambulance providers. 

Municipal Certificate of Need:  (S6515 Little / A8617 Steck)  We OPPOSE changes to the Muni-CON process that would further the inequities between municipal ambulance services and all other types of ambulance providers. 

Changes to General Municipal Law 209-b:  (S3262 Little / A4113 Brisdisi)  We strongly OPPOSE any changes that would destroy the most cost effective mechanism for delivering ALS to rural areas and harm the EMS system as a whole. 

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